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Do more with less.
Hydroguard® is back. Our new formula is more concentrated, more powerful, and more effective than before. Hydroguard’s unique formula, available exclusively from Botanicare, contains an isolated form of Bacillus bacteria known as Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens. This bacterium was selected, specifically, for it’s superior ability to amplify root mass and health, especially in hydroponic gardening, when compared with the more common and well known Bacillus Subtilis species. Upon application, the highly concentrated and pure culture of Bacillus bacteria contained in Hydroguard rapidly colonize the rhizosphere. These specialized rhizobacteria, assist in the breakdown of organic materials, and increase nutrient availability.

Bacillus root inoculant

From seedling to harvest, optimizing the size and health of your roots is the first step towards maximizing your plant’s yield. By creating and maintaining an ideal environment surrounding the root zone, whether in hydro or soil, you can effectively increase root tissue production and efficiency.

Hydroguard® contains unique beneficial bacteria, Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens, selected specifically for its superior ability to enhance the symbiotic relationship between the roots and their surrounding medium. During the plant’s most intense growth phases (i.e. transplant, transition, and heavy flowering), the demand for certain nutrients and essential trace elements increase and change frequently. To reach their full potential, plants require highly available forms of nutrition only possible through microbial mechanisms. Although plants generate some of these microbes on their own, supplementing with Hydroguard significantly increases and accelerates these mechanisms. This immediate boost of natural microbial activity in the root zone enhances nutrient availability that results in larger, higher quality fruits and flowers.

There is a direct relationship between the health and size of the roots and the overall health and size of the plant. Healthy roots allow the plant to uptake what’s required to achieve full genetic potential. Hydroguard is a beneficial bacterium that increases the size and density of the roots’ mass, and nutrient uptake.

Hydroguard vs the competition:

  • Lowest dilution rates of any competing product at only 2 ml per gallon.
  • Nutrients and other beneficial organisms will not become depleted or imbalanced due to an excessively diverse population of bacteria species.
  • The Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens in Hydroguard live in bigger, more vigorous colonies than the more common Bacillus Subtillis species. This enables them to thrive and perform more effectively in extreme and unfavorable conditions.
  • The product is good for 2 years AFTER the date on the bottle. Use within 6 months of opening.
  • No excess gassing or foul odors common with other beneficial bacteria products.
  • Hydroguard runs clean and does not produce slimy biofilms or cause pH fluctuations.
  • The Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens species in Hydroguard produce high levels of beneficial enzymes.
  • For Hydroponics or Soil.

Content based on US labels

Couldn`t grow a plant to save my life till i was told about this product. Every grow ended in root rot no matter what i did till i tried this. Now my plants roots are white as snow and drinking like a fish. Will never grow again without it.

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Click here for more information on Understanding Product Date Codes

Q: There’s a date on the Hydroguard bottle. What is it?
A. The date on the bottle is a Manufactured date or a “born on date”. It is NOT an expiration date. The product is good for 2 years AFTER the date on the bottle. Use within 6 months of opening.

Manufactured Date

Q: How does Hydroguard work?
A: The bacteria in Hydroguard are immediately activated in the presence of mineral or organic nutrients.
B: Beneficial bacteria rapidly colonize the root zone.
C: Hydroguard breaks down and mineralizes nutrients or organic matter.
D: Hydroguard out-competes foreign organisms.

Q: What are the benefits of using Hydroguard?
A: Hydroguard helps maintain a clean system 100% naturally.
B: Helps reduce and prevent the buildup of slime and toxins on or around the roots
C: Hydroguard breaks down nutrients and makes them readily available for the plant.
D: Roots will uptake nutrients more easily as needed, reducing the likelihood of excess nutrients which attract pathogens.

Q: Will Hydroguard raise my PPM / TDS / EC?
No: Hydroguard is natural and will not effect total nutrient strength.

Q: Is Hydroguard safe to use with my current nutrient schedule?
Yes: Hydroguard performs extremely well in all medias and growing environments.

Q: Can I burn my plants using too much Hydroguard?
No: Hydroguard will not burn plants. Although not harmful to plant growth when used at higher rates, Hydroguard is extremely concentrated and the recommended dosages are more than sufficient to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Q: Is Hydroguard compatible with enzyme products, such as Hygrozyme?
A: The beneficial bacteria in Hydroguard is compatible with products containing both live and sterile enzymes and will not be harmed if used in combination.

Q: Can I use Hydroguard with other beneficial microbe products like ZHO?
Yes: Hydroguard is compatible with all beneficial fungi species contained in ZHO.

Q: Is Hydroguard compatible with H2O2?
No: Hydroguard contains beneficial bacteria which is killed by H2O2 on contact.

Direction for use:Use alone or with conventional fertilizers and/or nutrients. Jar test for compatibility prior to application. Shake well before using.

Application Rates:

Hydroponic Applications: 2 ml / gallon

Transplant Applications: Mix 2 ml with 1 gallon of water and dip roots into the mixture at transplanting.

Soil Applications: Before planting: Mix 2 ml with adequate water and apply to 30 lbs. of potting soil before planting.

Active Ingredient:

  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens* 0.038%
  • TOTAL 100%

*Contains a minimum of 1.00x10^4 cfu’s / ml

Guaranteed for 2 years after date on package. Use within 6 months of opening.