Enhanced soilless grow media

Work smarter, not harder...

There’s no longer any need to mix your own grow media because Slacker’s® lightly fortified, all-purpose formula combines Botanicare’s pure high-pith, twice-washed Cocogro® with all the ingredients and organic amendments you need to deliver excellent root aeration, exceptional hydroponic growth rates and high quality flavors and aromas. Pre-buffered, charged and pH balanced, it’s ready to use right out of the bag.


Quality is as important as yield in today’s competitive marketplace. Slacker represents the latest innovation in hybrid grow media and was developed to meet the demands of today’s master growers. Slacker’s one-of-a-kind hybrid blend provides hydroponicgrowth rates with organic quality flavors and aromas in one simple and ready-to-use bag.

Slacker is filled with all the ingredients you need to provide high root aeration,balanced pH, moisture-retention and disease-resistance along with slow-release organic nutrients. No need to add extra amendments, because Slacker combines 100% high-pith coco fiber with carefully-sourced organics and unique inputs.

Slacker is 100% coco coir-based and completely peat-free. Coco coir-based soil has become the clear choice for many growers due to its superior air and water retention properties and nutrient holding capacity. Coco coir has an unmatched natural resistance to soil borne diseases, is naturally fungus-free and resists infection. Slacker is made with Botanicare® Cocogro® premium 100% high pith coconut coir which is twice-washed, composted and buffered.

  • The 1.75 cubic foot bag will fill approximately thirteen 1-gallon, four 2-1/2-gallon or two 5-gallon pots.

The science behind some of Slacker’s ingredients:

Montmorillonite is soft clay which contains over 70 trace minerals and provides additional water holding capacity while conditioning the soil.

Botanicare’s proprietary fish and seaweed compost ensures that easily degradable organic elements such as nitrogen,trace minerals, and phytoactive biological substances are available for the plant to uptake when needed. This compost also boosts plant growth by providing trace elements, growth hormones, and additional organic matter within the soil.

Zeolite has a unique crystalline structure capable of holding water while simultaneously aerating the soil. Only releasing moisture from its highly porous structure when the surrounding media begins to dry excessively, zeolite retains essential nutrients until your plant demands them, reducing potential plant stress.

Alfalfa meal provides plants the essential nitrogen boost needed during the vegetative phase of their growth cycle. The ideal amount of nitrogen leads to greater internode density, building the foundation needed for increased flower production.

Bat guano promotes larger blooms and high quality yields during the flowering stage. Organic forms of phosphorus and potassium increase the size of your fruits and flowers, and maximize aromas and flavors.

Increased aeration is provided by the ideal ratio of rice hulls and perlite. Rice hulls are composed almost entirely of silica and lignin, and retain their structure even when compressed or moist, providing the perfect environment for explosive root growth. Perlite has a neutral pH and is completely inert.

Earthworm castings provide an abundant source of organic humic acids and beneficial microbes. This helps balance pH levels to ensure plants can efficiently absorb nutrients from the soil.

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Q: What is the ideal pH when growing in Slacker?
A: As with all coco coir-based mediums, the ideal pH range is between 5.8 and 6.2.

Q: What should my PPMs be during each phase of growth when using Slacker?
A: Your PPMs will depend on growing conditions. We recommend following the pre-developed recipes or nutrient calculator found at

Instructions for use

  • 1. Fill pot or container with Slacker.
  • 2. Fully hydrate Slacker with filtered water.
  • 3. Transplant seedling, rooted clone cutting, or mature plant into Slacker.
  • 4. Add Rhizo Blast solution, watering container until a 10-20% runoff is achieved.
  • Note: Frequency of watering may require adjustment depending on environmental conditions. Variables to consider are, but not limited to: temperature of environment, light intensity, size of container, and maturity of plants. Individual circumstances may vary. Always check PPMs and pH.


High Pith Coconut Coir, Zeolite, Rice Hulls, Perlite, Compost, Feather meal, Alfalfa meal, Seabird guano, Fish bone meal, Bat guano, Kelp meal, Oyster shell, Montmorillinite, Earthworm castings, yucca extract.

Slacker MSDS