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Sweet® Citrus

Sweet® all natural mineral supplement contains a unique combination of organic compounds and essential elements directly involved in plant photosynthesis and respiration. Sweet provides stress free transitions and hearty, fruitful crops.

Give Your Plants a Sweet Treat!

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Sweet Citrus meets the metabolic demands of plants throughout their life cycle by providing vital compounds when the plants need them most. All Sweet flavors are scientifically formulated with carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins, and amino acids to ensure a stress-free transition in the fruiting/flowering stage.

To view videos about the benefits of using Sweet click on the usage application tab below.

Sweet Citrus also provides aroma and flavor amending bioactive esters that enhance flowers fragrance and produces taste.

  • Sturdy stems and thick, healthy leaves
  • Seamless transitions between plant growth phases
  • Maintains balanced metabolism for plants grown with C02 and HID lighting
  • Improves balance between respiration and photosynthesis
  • Enhanced flavors and aromas
  • Develops hardy plants with compact internodes
  • Will not clog systems 
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Q: Can I use Sweet during vegetative growth as well?
A: Yes. Sweet can be used during all phases of growth. Using Sweet in the early vegetative cycle may help keep plants from stretching or becoming soft stemmed when exposed to excess nitrogen. This is one way in which Sweet can help produce more desirable internode spacing which is key to maximizing yields.

Q: How do the esters in Sweet affect the aroma and flavor of a plant’s flowers?
A: The natural esters in Sweet are easily absorbed by the plant, but are not broken down futher once deposited within the plant tissue. This means that as new flowers develop they will contain small amounts of these natural esters which contribute to the overall flavor and aroma of the finished product.

Q: Because Sweet contains carbohydrates, should I avoid using other sources of carbohydrates such as molasses?
A: Sweet contains 3 different forms of carbohydrates; sucrose, fructose, and glucose. These simple sugars are highly available and digestible; therefore, simultaneously using additional sources of carbohydrates is unnecessary.

Q: What are the carbohydrates in Sweet derived from?
A: The carbohydrates in Sweet are derived from 100% non-gmo cane sugar.

Q: What is an ester?
A: Esters are naturally occurring compounds in many fruits and flowers that contribute to each of their unique smells and aromas.

Q: What makes the Raw formula different than the other formulas?
A: The only difference between formulas is that Sweet Raw does not contain any berry, lemon, or grape esters.

Q: Can I use Sweet in flush?
A: Sweet contains significant levels of magnesium; therefore, it is not recommended to continue using it during the flushing stage as the objective is to leach any remaining mineral salts away from the root zone.

Vegetative Phase 10 ml 3.78 L (1 Gal)
Transition Phase 10-15 ml 3.78 L (1 Gal)
Fruiting & Flowering/Reproductive Phase 15-20 ml 3.78 L (1 Gal)