Nutrients FAQs

Q: Is KIND completely organic?

A: KIND contains a combination of high quality minerals, soluble organics, and natural stimulants complexed with absorption enhancing compounds. This balance of minerals and organics create a bio-active nutrient that is highly available and easily absorbed by the plant.

Q: Is Pure Blend Pro completely organic?

A: Pure Blend Pro is natural and organic-based, not “100% organic.” Although it is created from natural and organic inputs such as humic acid, guano, kelp, rock phosphate, and carbonates, these naturally-occurring inputs are processed for enhanced stability and product quality purposes which prevents it from qualifying as completely organic.

Q: After adding Pure Blend Pro to my reservoir the pH drops very low. Is this normal or problematic?

A: Yes experiencing low pH after adding Pure Blend Pro is completely normal. In it’s concentrated form Pure Blend Pro is very acidic which helps the product to remain stable during storage and maintain the original composition and quality of the formula.

Q: Can Pure Blend Pro be used in DWC, Aeroponic, NFT, and systems?

A: Yes all 3 Pure Blend Pro formulas are water soluble and can be used in any type of hydroponic system.

Q: What causes CNS17 to have it’s unique appearance and consistency?

A: The technology used in the formulation CNS17 utilizes polysaccharides (simple sugars) as part of the suspension method that prevents certain elemental macro and micro nutrients such as calcium, phosphates, and sulfates from bonding together and precipitating out of solution while in a highly concentrated state. This is what allows CNS17 to deliver all of essential plant nutrients in just a single bottle. Once diluted into solution these simple sugars cleanly dissolve and provide an energy source for beneficial microbes.

Q: Why does CNS17 appear to be flaking and sinking to the bottom of my reservoir before it is thoroughly mixed?

A: When mixing CNS17 into water with a temperature below 68° F (20° C) what appears as a separation may seem to occur. CNS17 works best when mixed with water temperatures ranging between 68°F - 75°F (20°C - 24°C). A quick and easy way to adjust for low water temperatures in the reservoir is to mix the desired dose with an equal amount of warm water before introducing it into a reservoir that contains water under 68° F. Excessive calcium often found in municipal or well water sources may also bind with the phosphorous in CNS17 causing it to precipitate and fall out of solution. For best results use CNS17 with reverse osmosis water.<br />

Q: If CNS17 is complete, why are some micronutrients not listed on the guaranteed minimum analysis?

A: To comply with state registration regulations certain micronutrients were omitted from the guaranteed minimum analysis on the label due to their concentrations being low in comparison to the macronutrients. CNS17 does contain all essential micronutrients in the formula including boron (B), manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo), and nickel (Ni). When used at the recommended applications rates CNS17 will deliver all essential micronutrients at the proper ratios.

Q: Is CNS17 Ripe a supplement or a base nutrient?

A: CNS17 Ripe is a complete base formula. Replacing CNS17 Bloom with CNS17 Ripe during the final two weeks before harvest reduces nitrogen while maintaining phosphorous and potassium within ideal ranges. This specialty formula encourages the plant to focus energy on ripening and swelling it’s fruits and flowers.<br /> <br /> Due to its high PK value it is not advised to use a bloom stimulant with CNS17 Ripe as doing so may cause an imbalance. Bloom stimulants are safe with all other CNS17 formulas.