Concentrated pH correctors. pH Up and pH Down have been formulated at 29% concentration rates making it easy to use for beginners and easy to customize for advanced growers.

Use to increase or decrease the pH of nutrient solutions. A pH of 5.5 -6.5 is recommended for proper nutrient uptake in most plant varieties.

The proper pH range plays a vital role in ensuring successful plant cultivation in soil and in hydroponic systems. When the pH lies in the correct range, plants are able to absorb the nutrients needed for vigorous growth, bud development, and flower sets. Some nutrients are only available at a specific pH level. When nutrient solutions are not in the correct pH range it can lead to stunted growth, nutrient lock out, burning and possible crop failure.

Finding the right pH solution can be difficult for some growers. Some solutions use weak acids and bases that do not fully dissociate, become unstable and fluctuate over time. Botanicare delivers concentrated acid and base formulas that fully dissociate in solution to ensure stable results at lower dosage rates, yet are safe to use on all crops. We also do not use any unnecessary dyes or additives.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • pH Up- K 16.0%
  • pH Down- P 15.0%

Usage Application

We recommend a pH level between 5.5-6.2 for hyro ( if using coco 5.8-6.2), and 6.2-6.7 for soil. Make adjustments slowly as this product is highly concentrated.

To adjust pH levels add 1-3 ml of pH Up or Down to 10 gallons of nutrient solution, mix well, then test pH. Repeat process until desired pH levels are reached. Application rate varies based on desired pH, plant growth cycle, and both the current pH and the contents of the nutrient solution. Always add pH adjusters to nutrient solutions in small amounts. Mixing this product with acidic or incompatible materials may cause splattering and release of heat. Always apply pH directly to nutrient solution/water.




Available sizes:

  • 1qt

  • 1gal