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Important Announcement From Botanicare

Valued Retail Partners,

I am very excited to finally announce that Botanicare has agreed to be acquired by Hawthorne Hydroponics. As many of you may know this year marks Botanicare’s 20th anniversary and with that milestone came a time of reflection. As I reminisced on all of the success, I really started to ponder what the future of Botanicare would be and what direction the brand would take over the next 20 years.

As all of you are aware the industry has experienced rapid growth and is beginning to mature. My goal is to ensure Botanicare will continue to be a market leader and provide the innovative products that we are known for. With this in mind, I have decided it is time to pass the baton to someone who has the vision and resources to take Botanicare to the next level.

Like many of you, I was very vocal about my concerns when I heard Hawthorne Hydroponics had acquired General Hydroponics a little over a year ago. However, since then, I established direct communication with Hawthorne and the team led by Chris Hagedorn. I have been extremely impressed with the Hawthorne team, their values and the vision they have for the future of the hydroponics industry.

Botanicare’s 20 years of success would not have been possible without all of the dedicated employees, retailers, distribution partners and of course the customers who supported us. Thank you all. This has been an amazing run and I am confident that with this transition Botanicare will continue to positively contribute to the growth of the hydroponic industry.


Treg Bradley

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