Engineered to Grow Designed to Evolve

The benching platform designed to grow with you.

Benching systems that flex

Flexible aisle widths with multiple length, height and width configurations to maximize production. Two tray models, cross-platform compatible, for plant spacing flexibility and airflow improvement. Customizable configurations that adapt to optimize almost any grow room.

Premium build. Intelligent ergonomics.

Purposeful component design and material selection. Powder coated steel frame and supports engineered for strength and longevity. Track and roller systems made to move fully loaded trays with ease- No hand cranks necessary.

Efficiency elevating accessories

Calling these accessories is an understatement. Intelligent Irrigation- Irrigation Line Locks, Header Locks and Drain manifolds bring organization and efficiency to irrigation setups. Upgradable trellising mounts to manage the weight you’re about to pull.

Adapts to Your Grow

Modular design creates maximum flexibility. The Botanicare Slide Bench System allows growers to modify length, working height, aisle width and drainage slope to adapt to any growing style or room.

Gutter Trays

Botanicare® Gutter Trays are designed to increase air circulation potential and include integrated irrigation accessories…

Original Grow Trays

Botanicare® Original Grow Trays are durable, customizable grow trays made from heavy-gauge ABS that resist bowing, cracking and leaking, so you can grow with confidence.

Conversion Kit

GT Conversion Kits include everything you need to convert your Botanicare® benching systems from OG Trays to Gutter Trays.


No afterthoughts or add-ons. Detail driven features that complete the system.


OG trays offer a continuous surface for maximum plant spacing flexibility. New Gutter trays amplify airflow with 23% more potential airspace and accept common blocks and cube sizes. Both feature Botanicare’s signature, rigid ABS construction.


Irrigation Line Locks and Header Locks lift supply and irrigation lines off tray surfaces for more efficient cleaning and organization. A centralized drain manifold designed for gutter trays consolidates outlet drain lines.


Two trellis mount models for varied plant support styles. Original trellis mounts designed for a fully caged approach. Upgrade to the new TriLock trellis mounts– 3x stronger than original mounts and designed specifically for an upright only technique.

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