GT Conversion Kit


Botanicare® Benching GT Conversion Kit

Gutter Trays amplify airflow with 23% more potential airspace than our OG Trays. Botanicare® GT Conversion Kits include everything you need to convert your Botanicare® benching systems from OG Trays to Gutter Trays.

With up to 23% more airspace than our OG Trays, Botanicare Gutter Trays are designed to increase air circulation potential to help mitigate microclimates. Thoughtfully designed and integrated irrigation accessories elevate organization and efficiency. OG Trays are manufactured using the same heavy-gauge ABS plastic that resists bowing, cracking and leaking so you can grow with confidence.

Integrated irrigation solutions are included with GT Conversion Kits:

  • Centralized Drain Manifold reduces the number of outlet drain lines with a sleek design.
  • Irrigation Line Locks elevate lines and keep the system organized, allowing for efficient sanitation.
  • Header Locks secure PVC supply lines up and out of the tray.


4FT Wide Systems contain (3) Rows of Gutter Trays

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5FT Wide Systems contain (4) Rows of Gutter Trays

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