Gutter Trays


Organized and efficient irrigation integration

Botanicare® Gutter Trays are designed to increase air circulation potential and include integrated irrigation accessories for more organized and efficient irrigation integration.

Purposeful spacing between trays creates 23% additional area for airflow versus traditional, continuous surface trays.

Gutter Trays are formed with the same heavy-gauge ABS plastic as Botanicare OG trays to resist bowing, cracking and leaking so you can grow with confidence.

Retrofit an existing Botanicare bench system or upgrade to Gutter Trays with a new bench purchase.

Designed for modularity like Botanicare OG Trays, Gutter Tray end kits are available in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, and 5ft increments that fit existing Botanicare Slide Bench lengths (up to 100.5ft*) with 4ft and 5ft width options. All Botanicare trays are made in the USA.

Botanicare Benching

Designed to Evolve. Engineered to Grow With You.

Slide Bench

The genesis. Grow trays and platforms slide easily, fully loaded, over a self-aligning aluminum roller system. Sturdy, powder coated steel framing and legs provide substantial stability. Compatible with Gutter and Original grow trays.

Track Bench

The evolution. Easy to assemble, purpose built components and powder coated steel carry the load. Smooth, unrestricted travel along custom stainless steel track, maximizes aisleway flexibility and increases plant space. Compatible with Gutter and Original grow trays.

GT Conversion Kit

Conversion Kits include everything you need to convert your existing Botanicare benching systems from OG Trays to Gutter Trays.

Efficiency elevating accessories

Centralized Drain Manifold

Botanicare Centralized Drain Manifolds works exclusively with Gutter Trays to reduce the number of outlet drain lines with a sleek design.


The Botanicare TriLock Trellising Support gives growers a more robust trellising support designed to enhance the rigid connection to any of our bench systems.

Irrigation Line and Header Locks

Botanicare Irrigation Line Locks and Header Locks are designed to create a more organized and efficient drainage setup. Locks also work with OG, Low Tide and Rack Trays.

Available Sizes

Combine Drain, Middle, and Ends trays to create custom lengths.

  • Drain Tray: 5.5ft
  • Middle Tray: 5ft
  • End Tray: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft