Botanicare® Track Bench System


Benching systems evolved

The Botanicare® Track Bench

  • Unrestricted travel expands aisleways
  • Intelligent ergonomics for effortless movement
  • Engineered for ease-of-use

PLUS – Everything you love about Botanicare® Benching

  • Versatile, modular, expandable systems
  • Powder-coated steel frames and tray supports
  • Premium components
  • Purpose-built performance

Track-style movement and unrestricted bench travel give you consistent aisle spacing throughout the width of your room. This combination equals more potential canopy and more working aisle space compared to static or rolling benches – Up to 35% more plant space vs Botanicare Slide Bench.*

Botanicare Track Bench is thoughtfully engineered for effortless lateral movement, no hand crank needed.

The custom stainless steel wheel and track are designed with optimal clearance for consistent, smooth travel to avoid binding. Move up to 20 lbs per square foot with minimal effort using the ergonomic handle.

Included Irrigation Accessories

  • Irrigation Line Locks elevate lines and keep the system organized, allowing for efficient sanitation
  • Header Locks secure PVC supply lines up and out of the tray
  • Centralized Drain Manifolds are designed to reduce the number of outlet drain lines

Drain Manifold only included with purchases including Gutter Trays.

Irrigation Line Locks and Header Locks are also compatible with Original Grow Trays, Low Tide, and Rack Trays (excluding MRT)

*Calculations based on 40ft x 40ft room, 36 inch aisleways between benches and a room optimized with a combination of 4ft and 5ft bench options.

Height & width options


Available 4ft and 5ft tray width options.


Lengths from 7.5ft minimum to 100.5ft **

**Benching longer than 60.5in requires review by your Sales Rep and our Tech Team.


Available height options: 14in, 20in and 30in

Built-in slope/height adjustments: up to 2.5in for 14in option, 5in for 20in and 30in options.


Grow tray choices

Two durable ABS tray styles offer distinct advantages depending on your growing style.

Botanicare® Original Grow Trays provide maximum plant spacing flexibility.

New Botanicare® Gutter Trays amplify airflow with 23% more potential airspace.

Both styles are compatible with the Track Bench System.

Flexibilty to convert

Fresh build? Design a new room with the Botanicare Track Bench.

Already have a room with Botanicare Slide Benches? Evolve to the New Track Bench System with the help of our engineers.

Still love your OG Trays? Keep them and save on the upgrade.

Reach out to your sales representative today to find out if your facility is a good candidate.

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