Botanicare® Slide Bench System

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Smart, flexible benching

The Botanicare® Slide Bench is a versatile, modular system that provides complete grow space control.

This system allows growers to modify length, optional working height, variable aisle width and drainage slope to adapt to any growing style, greenhouse or room size.

Sturdy 1in x 2in powder-coated steel frame and tray supports create maximum stability with a 25 lb per sq ft load rating.

Reinforced roller connectors provide smooth travel and won’t deform under pressure, while the secured anti-tip bar with bump-stops prevents tipping when loaded.

Height & width options

Available height options:

  • 12in
  • 20in
  • 30in

Built-in slope/height adjustments:

  • Up to 5in for 20in and 30in options
  • Up to 2.5in for the 12in option.

Extend the length of your 7.5ft base system in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft and 5ft increments (currently up to 100.5ft).*

8.5in of travel from the bench center provides aisle widths starting at 17in minimum.

*Benching longer than 60.5in requires review by your Sales Rep and our Tech Team.

Grow Tray Choices

Two durable ABS tray styles offer distinct advantages depending on your growing style.

Botanicare® Original Grow Trays provide maximum plant spacing flexibility.

Botanicare® New Gutter Trays amplify airflow with 23% more potential airspace.

Both styles are compatible with the Slide Bench System.

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