ReadyGro™ Plugs

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Use these plugs in soil or soilless hydrogardening applications. Readygro Plugs are manufactured using a proprietary composting method which produces natural, beneficial fungi.

Tips for cloning success

  • Pro tip – Foliar spray mother plant with Seaplex® (4ml/32oz) one week before cuts are taken.
  • Use sterile tools (very important, please ensure your tools are cleaned often, even between cuts).
  • Do not leave standing water. Remove excess water after plugs have soaked for 10 min.
  • Do not pull the cutting out of the plug to see if roots have formed. Be patient.
  • Keep the environment humid but not wet. Vents at the top should remain closed until roots appear.
  • On a daily basis, ensure Readygro plugs are well hydrated.
  • If rooting in a cool environment, a heat mat may help your success.
  • The rootzone temperature should be around 78 degrees.
  • Once a fibrous root system has formed, transplant cutting into desired grow media.