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Pure Blend Pro Soil Expert (ml / gal)

Botanicare has developed many other products for specific growing needs. Follow the application instructions on individual web pages or product labels, or use our nutrient calculator to ensure recommended PPMs/ECs are not exceeded when adding additional supplements.

Growth Stage  Seedlings / ClonesVegetativeBloom TransitionFlowering / FruitingRipening
Number of WeeksWeek 1Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8
Pure Blend Pro Grow7 ml8-12 ml10-14 ml12-16 ml00000000
Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil000015-18 ml15-18 ml15-18 ml15-18 ml15-18 ml15-18 ml15-18 ml8-12 ml
Rhizo Blast2 ml2 ml2 ml2 ml2 ml2 ml2 ml00000
Liquid Karma2 ml8 ml8 ml8 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml0
Cal-Mag Plus2 ml5 ml5 ml5 ml5 ml5 ml5 ml5 ml5 ml3 ml3 ml3 ml
Silica Blast2 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml4 ml0
SWEET00008 ml8 ml8 ml6 ml6 ml4 ml4 ml0
Hydroplex0000002 ml3 ml4 ml4 ml2 ml0

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