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Plant Nutrients

Macro-NutrientsSymbolFrom Avail to PlantsFunction in Plants
NitrogenNNO3-, NH4+Component of amino acids, proteins, nucleotides, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, and coenzymes
PhosphorusPH2PO4-, HPO4 2-Component of energy-carrying phosphate compounds (ATP and DTP), nucleic acids, several coenzymes, phospholipids
PotassiumKK+Involved in osmosis and ionic and in opening and closing of stomata, activator of many enzymes
CalciumCaCa2+Component of cell walls, enzyme cofactor, involved in cellular membrane permability, component of calmodulin, a regulator of membrane and enzyme activities
MagnesiumMgMg2+Component of the chlorophyll molecule, activator of many enzymes
SulfurSSO42-Component of some amino acids and proteins and coenzyme A
IronFeFe3+, Fe2+Required for chlorophyll synthesis, component of cytochromes and nitrogenase
BoronBH3BO3Influences calcium utilization, nucleic acid synthesis, and membrane integrity
CopperCuCu+, Cu2+Activator or component of some enzymes involved in oxidation and reduction
MolybdenumMoMoO42+Required for nitrogen fixation and nitrate reduction
ManganeseMnMn2+Activator of some enzymes, required for integrity of chloroplast membrane and for oxygen release in photosynthesis
ChlorineClCl-Involved in osmosis and ionic balance, probably essential in photosynthetic reactions that produce oxygen
ZincZnZn2+Activator or component of many enzymes
NickelNiNi2+Essential part of enzyme functioning in nitrogen metabolism

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