CocoPro™ Propagation Plugs

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CocoPro™ Propagation Plugs

CocoPro™ Propagation Plugs provide all the benefits of high-quality coco, with the convenience and consistency of a mineral wool starter plug.

Plugs are dehydrated and compressed for easy transport and storage. To use, simply rehydrate with the nutrient solution of your choice, start your props, and transfer to CocoPro™ Cubes or CocoPro™ Bags once rooted.

Compost* the coir when you’re done. Our coir – a renewable resource – is made from various parts of a coconut. The coir blends are thoroughly washed and buffered and contain optimal percentages of coco fiber, pith, and husk for increased root oxygen, moisture and nutrient retention, and air/gas exchange.

CocoPro™ growing media is designed to work well with all Botanicare nutrients and supplements.

*Only coir is compostable – remove cover before composting.

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