Pure® Granular Bloom

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Natural and Organic

Part of the Pure® Granular family. Pure Bloom is a premium, natural, and organic plant food for use during the bloom phase. Bloom contains an environmentally friendly blend of highly active humic acid, dehydrated poultry litter, sulfate of potash, and seaweed to create a high yielding bloom fertilizer. The sulfate of potash provides potassium in soluble forms which improves color, flavor, and can help reduce moisture loss from plants.

The Pure formulas supply calcium while feeding beneficial soil microorganisms. Pure contains highly active humic acid which is an important chelator in soil that helps to combine minerals into organic compounds making them more available to plants. Humic acid also binds toxins, making them less available to plants and may increase micronutrient uptake. We’ve also added major nutritional ingredients like seaweed, locally sourced, dehydrated poultry litter and sulfate of potash making Pure Granular a highly effective fertilizer.

Guaranteed Analysis

Nitrogen 1.0%, Phosphate 5.0%, Potash 4.0%, Ca 6.0%

Usage Application

Soil and container gardens:

  • Prior to planting or transplanting into soil or container; mix Pure Granular Bloom Formula thoroughly with potting soil, soil mix, coir fiber or soilless media.
  • Mix 1/2 – 1 oz of Pure per 1 gallon (4 liters) of soil, potting soil mix, coir fiber or soilless media.
  • Re-apply approximately every 2 weeks by turning 1/2 – 1 oz of Pure per gallon of grow media into the top 1″ – 3″ of soil.

For seedlings and rooted cuttings:

Add ½ oz of Pure per 1 gallon of potting soil mix, coir fiber or soilless media

Trees Shrubs and Vines:

Apply 2 oz for every one inch diameter of the tree or shrub. Apply as a top dressing and work into soil. Reapply every 8 weeks during the growing season.