Organicare® Family

Not all organics are created equal.

Based on label rates, Organicare® Bloom and Organicare® Grow contain more guaranteed-analysis nutrient charge compared to other organic granular grow & bloom fertilizers on the market. These cost-effective, NPK-concentrated fertilizers provide the base nutrients needed for virtually any organic crop production program – and they’re OMRI®-listed (Organic Materials Review Institute).

Developed and tested by Hawthorne’s dedicated R&D team, these patent-pending fertilizers offer excellent nutritional support for a wide variety of plants, whether grown in containers or in-ground.

Organicare® Grow — Multi-sourced nitrogen for sustained nutrition during vegetative growth.

Organicare® Bloom — Boosted phosphorus and potassium to support flowering/blooming stages.

Grow and Bloom are formulated with a blend of organic and natural materials that provide plant available nutrients. Some of these nutrients can be taken up immediately by the plant when applied, which promotes initial growth. Grow and Bloom also have nutrients that are slowly converted into plant available forms that promote sustained growth up to 4 weeks after being applied. The proprietary formulation marries various component release rates to offer superb nutrient availability. This provides growers with the flexibility they often require.

Use them alongside Organicare® True Earth Potting Mix for a complete organic system.

Product SKUs

HGC733763 – 5lb
HGC733772 – 50lb

HGC733773 – 5lb
HGC733774 – 50lb

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