Organicare® Grow

SKU: HGC733763


Nutrients for hardy root, stem, and leaf development during a plant’s vegetative growth stage.

Part of the Organicare® family.

Organicare® Grow contains a mix of high-quality natural and organic ingredients and utilizes a patent-pending formula to deliver a specific amount of readily available nitrate nitrogen. It supports the vegetative stage of growth in a wide variety of plants, such as non-flowering ornamentals, tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

  • Delivers available nutrition during the vegetative growth stage
  • Provides primary (NPK) and secondary (Calcium, Magnesium & Sulfur) essential elements
  • Multi-sourced nitrogen for quick feeding and sustained nutrition
  • Granular format for ease of application

Use alongside Organicare® Bloom and Organicare® True Earth Potting Mix for a complete organic system.

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HGC733763 – 5lb
HGC733772 – 50lb

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