Organicare True Earth Potting Mix

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  • Organicare True Earth Potting Mix

This all purpose soil redefines what it means to be organic. A revolutionary mix of organic and natural ingredients work together to promote vigorous roots and giant blooms for the performance you expect, organically.

The patent-pending formula blends ingredients like aged compost, which encourages microbial activity. It provides the quality of an organic and the high yield of a synthetic in an OMRI listed soil. 

With a heavy feed up-front and sustained nutrition throughout, True Earth powers every growth stage. Use from seedling to harvest for indoor and outdoor container plants.

  • Patent-pending formula.
  • Quickly feeds for rapid greening.
  • One soil from start to finish—no transplanting needed.
  • Aged compost to encourage microbial activity.
  • OMRI listed.

The 1.75 cubic foot bag will fill approximately

  • 12- 1 gallon
  • 4- 3 gallon
  • 2- 5 gallon
  • 1- 7 gallon pots.

Super Sacks- 55 cubic feet or 2 cubic yards, 1,557 liters or 411 gallons.


Sphagnum peat moss, processed forest products, perlite, compost, fertilizer, and yucca extract.

Available Sizes

1.75 cu. ft