To grow.
Designed to last.

The Botanicare® Slide Bench System – part of the Hawthorne 360 suite of total growing solutions.

More Plants

*Up to 30% more plant space versus standard bench systems.

Fewer Aisles

A versatile system that makes aisle management easy.

Bottom Line Growth

Activate and maximize your grow room space for increased production.

Smart, Flexible Design

Adapts to Your Grow

Modular design creates maximum flexibility. The Botanicare Slide Bench System allows growers to modify length, working height, aisle width and drainage slope to adapt to any growing style or room.


Available in 4 ft or 5 ft widths, these systems provide the right balance of plant space and aisle width to maximize your grow.


Extend the length* of your system in 2, 3, 4, and 5 ft increments to best fit the dimensions of your grow.

*Minimum length, 7 ft 6 in


Available in three thoughtfully designed heights.

12 in option is ideal for rooms where ceiling height is restricted.

20 in table ideal for plants in the flowering stage.

30 in height works best for nursery settings and situations where height is not a limiting factor.


Built-in slope adjustment of 2.5 to 5 in.

20 in and 30 in systems have 5 in of adjustment.

12 in systems have a 2.5 in of adjustment.

Available in three thoughtfully designed heights.


8.5 in of travel from center provides a minimum aisle width of 17 in.

By adding space between benches, you can increase your aisle width.

Withstand the ELements

Under pressure, heavy-gauge ABS plastic outperforms High Impact Polystyrene.

In standard tests, ABS outperforms HIPS in impact strength, stiffness and thermal shock, making it more resistant to cracking, bowing and leaking.


Experience best-in-class strength, durability and rigid design. Recessed drainage channels and vertical support beams combine to provide over 700 sq inches of contact along the length of our 20′ 6″ bench.


Trellis supports were engineered to fit inside the frame structure to prevent interference with the aisles. This integrated feature also protects and secures tray seams and accepts 3/4 in PVC or 1 in conduit, for trellising structures.

TriLock trellis Support

Your grow is unique. That’s why we’ve developed options to improve your experience with a more robust trellising support. The TriLock Trellising Support is three times stronger than the standard support and accepts three different trellising types: 3/4″ EMT, 3/4″ PVC & 1″ EMT.


The mission when designing our system was to provide durable, safe support for our trays. Reinforced roller connectors won’t deform under pressure. Anti-tip bars with bump stops help prevent tipping when loaded.

With our Room Layout Calculator, we can optimize your area to give you fewer aisles, more plants, and better bottom-line growth.


Download Slide Bench instruction manuals, installation guides, and safety data sheets.