The CocoPro™ Family

CocoProcoir bags, compressed cubes and propagation plugs provide all the benefits of high-quality coco, with the convenience and consistency of a mineral wool block. No bag filling required – to use, simply rehydrate with the nutrient solution of your choice, start your props, and transfer to cubes or bags once rooted.

Compost* the coir when you’re done. Our coir – a renewable resource – is made from various parts of a coconut. The coir blends are thoroughly washed and buffered and contain optimal percentages of coco fiber, pith, and husk for increased root oxygen, moisture and nutrient retention, and air/gas exchange.

CocoPro™ growing media is designed to work well with all Botanicare nutrients and supplements.

CocoPro™ Propagation Plugs– Maintain consistent media from prop to veg. Dehydrated and compressed for easy to transport and storage for commercial growing facilities.

CocoPro™ BagIncreased air space and drainage to help reduce the risk of over-irrigation.

CocoPro™ Cube – Designed for younger plants that require consistent soil moisture enabling light but frequent irrigation events.

*Only coir is compostable – remove bag before composting.

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